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Default The 5% Club - CLICK

Hi everyone, it is a late Sunday post. I can't keep my mind on work, and I have a crazy day tomorrow. Lots going on in life - met today with parents who are going to try to get the middle school principal not to be such as *&#[email protected]* jerk, which might require going up even past the superindendant and board. Conflict is not my thing, so I hate wading in but then again there are times you need to take a stand. This week should be the last of the super heavy materno leave coverage - though the baby is sort of colicky and I assured Carrie that I will be standing by to help her workload for as long as it takes...

Exercise is great, though it did not happen today. Food is fairly well clicked in! That Wendie plan is good as a rough guideline. It seems easier to have a light day knowing that it will fluctuate. I don't agree that it has to be scientifically exactly the calorie amount they say: I use it as a guideline. This morning it looked like 2 lbs down of the 5 I want (contacts weren't in). I feel thinner and less pudgy in the rear.

Thinking a lot about the volume of food lately, more than the traditional calories etc. One thing about myself, maybe you share it, is that I do pretty well just living my life, not grazing all the time or snarfing food - but that when I start eating I'll more or less be eating on a roll, and often by the time I'm done I've eaten more than I intended or wanted to - or needed! I read somewhere that it takes 20 minutes to feel the fullness. Well I eat pretty quickly, and can consume an awful lot before 20 minutes ticks by. So my goal right now is to not go for seconds or lots of extras until I let that pass, always with permission to go back in for more if I'm really hungry. So far satiety seems to be setting in, and giving myself to eat more in 20 minutes if I need to seems to be working.

You know, then my weight is where I like it one of the things I like best about it is that I feel my FACE looks a lot better and a lot younger - someone remind me never to gain again!

I'll make this post brief. Just trying to get a new thread going and to end the day. Tomorrow is a holiday but I have a lot going on.

Goals for tomorrow:

Med cal day
Water water water
Exercise at club or neighborhood walk.

Next weekend I'm involved in a big event with the basket biz. I'm still involved with that (I think I mentioned before.) It will be really fun, but also quite demanding considering all the other time constraints happening. I feel like life will sort of settle down a wee from tomorrow. I need to take it easy on myself until then - if I don't make it to every single workout to just get through this and then life will be more normal (for a while anyway!).

Take care my friends.

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