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I can definitely relate. If I went to my favorite pizza place that makes the most incredible thin, NY-style cheese pizzas, and someone plopped one down in front of me, I would not be able to keep from eating it. And I wouldn't eat one piece. I'd eat four. It sounds so good, I can almost taste it. I swear, if I had to pick a last meal right now, it would be that pizza. And so I haven't been there since I began my weight loss effort in January, because I know I can't resist it and I also know it doesn't really fit within my diet. I may make it my treat for my birthday, though.

Skipping out on the movies doesn't sound like it's really an option for you, and I wouldn't suggest anyway that someone should drop an activity they really enjoy just because they're trying to lose weight. If consuming popcorn while you're there is really part of the enjoyment of the movie for you, here's what I'd suggest: 1) Plan the rest of your eating on movie days around your anticipated popcorn indulgence. This is what I do when I want to have alcohol; I make sure that I eat low-calorie, high-nutrient foods the rest of the day and limit my total intake, and that way I have room in my calories for a glass of wine (or three) in the evening. 2) Get the small popcorn (about 600 calories) rather than the medium (about 900 calories), and if you're doing this more than once per week consider getting a kid's size popcorn instead of the small. Yes, it's a sacrifice, but this way you'll still get to enjoy the popcorn without doing as much damage to your weight loss effort AND your arteries. 3) Skip the sugar soda. Get a diet instead if you want soda (if you don't like Diet Coke, bring your own Coke Zero instead in your purse, or get a different soda where you can't tell the difference as much between diet and regular), or bring a different zero-calorie drink with you. I know that this is a sacrifice as well, but are the 200-400 calories you're consuming with that soda really worth it?

I know my answers aren't very fun ones, but they are ways for you to have your cake and eat it too. You just have to eat a little less cake to make it work.
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