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You know what? Everyone else already said it. You can't be someone else's food cop. You wouldn't want them to be yours.

Unless he's waving them at you going "nyah nyah! Mine and not yours!" or burping and farting at you or being rude in some other fashion, it isn't your place to do anything about it.

If he's eating them in eating places you can't really fuss either. If he's eating them in bed with you --- well, ok, You could complain about that -- eating in the bed! But WHAT he eats is up to him, not you.

If he's just sitting there quietly eating his candy in the kitchen, what's it to you?

Think about why does it bug you.

Because seeing him have them when you are trying not to have those kinds of things makes you jealous? Upset? Angry?

We can't help how we feel, but we can do something about how we react. Don't sit there and silently seethe. Get up and don't watch him. Go somewhere else.

I know we all need to vent. Hang in there!


PS: My DH is still a soda addict. It used to make ME crazy because I hated enabling the bad habit. We agreed that he would buy his soda on his own and I'd take it off the grocery list.

Our money is still our money -- it wasn't about that. It was about me not liking this bad habit of his, and not wanting to feel like I was HELPING him keep up with a bad habit.

If it is something along those lines -- maybe have BF buy his own candy and don't get it for it. Then perhaps it would be easier to let go because you have no part in his candy habit.

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