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I generally don't have thoughts of physically harming someone I love or refer to his eating a snack as disgusting, nor do I think of him as "being a fatty," but if my husband's doing something that's driving me batty, I just take myself elsewhere.

It's his body, his choices, and his life. It's not my job to be his food cop, nor is it his job to be mine. I'm responsible for my own weight loss. The most he does is offer encouragement. I've got the rest of my life to spend watching other people eat jellybeans and cupcakes and chee-tos and all manner of stuff that I still kinda-sorta crave from time to time, but it's up to me to eat the little calorie-bombs or not. We can't bend the world around us, so we'd better learn to adapt ourselves to the world.

If that means going in the other room and punching a pillow or having a good cry at the unfairness of it all, then that's what it means.

Jellybeans are far from the worst thing he could sit on the couch and scarf up. At least they don't smell particularly tempting, make an appetizing crunch, or contain 500 calories a serving.
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