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Originally Posted by Beach Patrol View Post
Yeah, um, that would be me.

Seriously, I hate cooking. I am not good at it. I can do it, but I hate it. I hate it worse than anything on the planet (as far as domesticity goes). I avoid it at all costs. One of my favorite phrases is "The only reason I have a kitchen is coz it came with the house!" Usually when cooking is done in my house, it's my husband doing it.

So my diet consists of very little cooking. Not to say that I eat a lot of processed foods - I don't. Mostly frozen veggies that I can pop in the mike, (my current fav is Green Giant Healthy Vision) lots of fresh fruit & raw foods (sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers of a various style) and yeah, I might throw a few skinless chicken breasts in the oven & use them throughout the week for protein purposes, but in general I.DO.NOT.COOK.

How do you other non-cookers handle your specific menus?
I'm not big on cooking, but I know from past experience it's something I have to get back into. When I lost a lot of weight between May - November last year I made dinner for everyone, so I controlled the menu more, and made healthier meals. I also made my own meals, but still I did it in such a huge batch that it'd last the week.

I hate cooking for the worst reason, CLEAN-UP!! LOL .... I HATE doing dishes. I hate the thought of putting my hands in such filthy water, and scrubbing the pots and pans, and dishes...Sadly I'm the only one who does the dishes at this house, and I know why. When I do the dishes, they SING, they're so clean you rub a finger down the side it squeaks as though its singing.
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