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Default Can the tape measure lie?????

I keep hearing don't listen to the scale, look at your measurements. I did my first re measure since the start of my diet 4 1/2 weeks ago and it says I GAINED 3.25" on my waist!!!! I have lost 21 lbs thus far and I see a difference in my stomach in the mirror but the tape says I gained GGGGRRRRR!!!!!!

My hips measure that I've lost 2.75 inches thus far. My guess is that before I had this big ol' tummy but it was more up and rounded like I was pregnant. With all my loss my skin has sagged and "settled" in a big flop at my belly. I think that my sagging skin is poking out more then it did when I was more fat filled in my tummy.

Does this sound crazy???? I wanted to cry at the numbers! I'm over it, I mean I KNOW I'm loosing but the one thing everyone says revert to when in doubt is lying to me!!!!!!!
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