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Default Any tips on how to focus less on work and more on personal life?

I'm trying very hard to focus less on my work life. Throughout my 20s, my sole focus was on grad school and work. I'm 33 now and, even though I'm finished with school and have no other true commitments, I still put all my focus on work. Even after I clock out, I find myself doing work at home or thinking about work. I haven't been out on a date in a few years due to my poor self esteem. The 30 pounds that I've gained last year doesn't help with that fact either.

It would be different if I actually enjoyed what I do for a living, but I do not enjoy it at all. At the start of this month, I made a promise to myself. That promise is to clock out at exactly 5pm each day regardless of what task I'm in the middle of doing. Of course, if there is a deadline for that day, then I will stay after work. I try not to check my work emails after work anymore either. I figured if it's truly an emergency, then my boss will call me. I no longer care about climbing up the corporate ladder. I don't like office politics to begin with and, at best, I may end up in middle management in 20 years.

How do other people do it? I do have anixety and I lack confidence at work even though I've been doing it for 5 years now. I know it's due to poor self esteem.

How do you leave work behind after you clock out? It seems like everyone is able to do the work/life balance. My father was a workoholic and I don't want to be one.
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