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Good morning I'm working slowly into one of my days off. Of course off means errands, cleaning and gardening but it's my day to plan. I'm going to Trader Joe for a vacation shopping. We try not to eat out too much and bring our own super easy but healthier foods with us. There is a pretty nice grocery store nearby so I don't need to worry about basics.

Ruth - Lucky Domino! It needs to be a little warmer before I drink my coffee on the porch but I'm sure those days are just round the corner.

Mathilda - thanks for the clean the fridge reminder! I would be tempted to buy new groceries for dinner but should inventory the fridge first. Not a lot backed up in there because I've been so busy, so it should be easy.

Karen - Hope that cold moves on soon! Happy bike riding

Twynn- Is the coffee helping?

Cottage - rhubarb. Maybe I'll find some for sale in my travels today. That reminds me, saw that the local farm market finally has asparagus (gotta love facebook!). I'll be stopping there today (and tomorrow and Thursday and...)

DD asked me to do the Boston Aids Walk with her. It's just a 5K so I agreed. We've been talking about doing some of those this year (thanks for the inspiration Natasha!).

Uh oh, sneezy, I bet those plants are pollinating again. I also removed my first tick of the season yesterday. I love warmer weather but it certainly has its challenges Ah well, I'm not about to complain about sunshine! Happy Tuesday everyone
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