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One of my new Advantages cards says "I want to wake up each day hungry and energetic." I've been allowing myself, every couple of weeks, one slice of pizza from Whole Foods. But, I wake up the next day feeling bloated and disgusting. I find it very difficult to give up treats that my brain has determined is reasonable in moderation even when my body is saying it's not. It's not fair! But I'm giving it up anyway. I deserve to feel better than this in the morning.

Day 20: Get Back on Track
This is the one where we learn that one bad choice is not to be used as an excuse for eating whatever I want for the rest of the day (or week, or month). "It's destructive to continue to eat in an unplanned way for the rest of the day just because you ate something that wasn't on your food plan."
Was it in the green book or somewhere else that I read the traffic light analogy? If I were given a ticket for running a red light, would I say "well, I've blown it, I might was well run every red light on the way home" ? Of course, not. I would be careful at red lights on the way home and for many weeks into the future. It makes no more sense to eat in an out of control way in response to one slip. That analogy cured me of this problem.

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