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Default Men and Women are Just Different

In the big scheme of things 0.6 lbs is a very small amount and might be due to water retention.

One thing I think as dieters we need to do is quit comparing ourselves to others. Men have more lean muscle mass that advantage is theirs. They can lose weight faster with less work and it totally sucks. My DH hubby has lost 12 lbs. How? He eats a large carmelicious and bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. Then he eats again when he comes home. Excercise? Him never.

The skinny's that eat crap and do not excercise are skinny fat. Do you really want to be that soft? I worked with a skinny fat girl who barely had enough upper body strength to open the mill doors(the building has a vaccuum for food safety purposes).

Let's try to monitor our progress by the car were in and not covet what other guy is driving.

Off my soap box.
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