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Yesterday was filled with landmines...on the road during lunch time... work celebration when I returned to the office, candy bowl sitting next to my desk.... invitation to join friends at a new restaurant for Restaurant week (try a place for a reduced price- I think BillBE has talked about the one in Boston).
I fared pretty well. Had two jelly beans from the candy bowl, planned out what I had at the work celebration and the restaurant. Not a day to lose weight, but not to gain it either.

Tonight I am having dinner at my parent's. I don't know what they'll be serving, but I know it will have healthy enough choices to make it a good meal. Food is planned and packed for the rest of the day.

pamatga Thank you for the PM poem! I will say I am not a very spiritual person, but those words are very helpful to me right now. Interesting about what Jillian Michael's said on Leno... I have never actually seen an episode of Biggest Loser, but she is a drill sargent in the Shred DVD! I haven't done the tape since Monday and I still ache in my quads.

Thinking of you all!
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