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Hi Coaches!

I moved through many stresses today and managed to stay OP by remembering I HAD to say NO CHOICE. A long story, but I visited my father and grandmothers grave sites today...unmarked and not spoken about for years. I discussed w/mom yesterday and she put me off...again. I decided today, that I was grown up and didn't need permission to contact public works and ask them to measure and mark. It was one of those days where I just knew that if I strayed from my plan it would be with a gusto that would eradicate lots and lots of hard work. *credit* Today I recognized the perfect setup for unplanned eating....usually I just snap and start eating before I can even think it through. Exercise was hauling recycle, yard work and cemetery walking. Oh, and dinner was a from scratch Sweet Potato, Lentil and Spinach Curry. It was most excellent and a real reward for making it through this day unscathed.

BillBlueEyes, yay for OP eating on a day where one could easily "justify" unplanned eating. I am amazed at the scope of your sort and pack.

onebyone, it was fun to hear about your trip, especially dinner with the astronaut! It's great that you're ready to focus on your food again. Sending you supportive thoughts.

ChefJoona, great insight regarding hunger VS non-hunger. *credit* for using that insight to get through your hardest time of day.

gardenerjoy, Day 19, Stop Fooling Yourself...I agree, some of the thoughts are insidious. I think my craziest is "one bite won't matter." The problem with me is that one bite almost always leads to many more. BTW-your new fav meal sounds yum!

maryann, yay for a new juicer! I juiced for years until I got my vita mix-now I Apple carrot was always my fav!

pamatga, your statement, "I knew that the truth was better than "fooling myself" was so powerful. Yeah, nothing to change it. *credit* for moving on in a positive way. I also wrote down "avoidance is avoidance." I relate, it seems that in my life avoidance just helps the dysfunction to shift.

ETA-Beverlyjoy, we crossposted...thanks for checking in and reporting a much better day today. I think "rain or shine" posting is really helpful.

Keep on truckin' everyone. We have the tools and we can do this!
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