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Originally Posted by Anitanewdiet View Post
Showgirlaz, thank you for the reply. I understand that having my dr following me with this diet is important but never saw it as serious as this diet may effect the condition of my heart. I just see how well everyone is doing and want the same effect for myself and research the heck out of it before starting and never once thought I wouldn't be the one not allowed to be OP.

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You're welcome.

Just to clarify, YOU may not be effected at all by the diet but, as a general guideline, it is advised that persons with certain conditions work first and often in conjunction with their doctor.

IP really wants to ensure that the health of everyone on the program is considered. It isn't possible to predict every outcome but, for some conditions, it is possible to be a bit proactive in approaching matters.

I am sure you will be encouraged by the doctor to do this. It is a very good program and it does support the retention of heart muscle and heart health.

Go ahead and start preparing. If nothing else, eating a healthy low calorie diet will still do wonders for you. Anything above 60g of carb a day should keep you out of ketosis but still give you the benefits of preparing for when you get on IP.

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