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Wow, Claire! Great mileage! I'm not a running coach, so I was interested in what mkroyer said. Cool to know peeps here got an eye for stuff like that.

I'm more in to strength training and wonder what you don't like about it. I love running, too, but my crappy knees don't and neither does my schedule since running distance takes up so much time, so I'm limited to 5K races. Which is so fun!

OK, so here's my week: (note: Boot camp consists of full body weight resistence training similar to P90X or cardio/core which is 2 miles of running mixed in with over 600 core reps- a balance every 2 weeks)

Mon: Teach/do Boot camp 5:45-6:45 am
and again at 4:15-5:15pm - I usually modify the 2nd time.
Tue: Recover or run no more than 5k
Wed: Boot camp 545 and 415
Thur recover or run no more than 10K depending on how my body is recovering.
Fri: Boot camp 545, take yoga at 8am
Sat/Sun: variations of recovery and just a nice long run, hike, ski, snowmobile, etc. and enjoy some good wine.
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