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Great thanks for your suggestions! Why shouldn't I do 2 interval trainings? Is it bad for my joints? I have noticed my left thigh has been really uncomfortable the last few times. I'll sub an interval training for a longer run on Sunday. My race pace is 5min/km (which is probably a bit optimistic). I don't think i could do it any faster without more prep time (I've got three weeks).

What do you mean by tempo run? I do one of my 10ks at half marathon pace (6min/km) and the other one as fast or slow as I feel like on the day. Sorry to ask so many questions!

Ah I think I am a freak, swimming will probably be my best sport in the triathlon (unlike everyone I speak to!). I swam a lot at school so technique is no problem, my swimming fitness is completely shot to pieces though! If I can get that back I'll be OK. Cycling will be a nightmare for me, as will a 5k after all the swimming and cycling...

Thanks again for your tips - I was hoping for some new ideas in this thread

ps: razorbackbritt - thanks for the Zumba tipoff, will look it up when I'm back in London! Good luck with the thesis!

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