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Default What does your weekly exercise schedule look like?


After looking around the exercise forum a bit, I'm really interested to see if everyone has a fixed weekly training plan or if you all do it all ad-hoc and also if you do more strength or cardio etc etc.

Mine looks a bit like this (in a perfect week when I don't wuss out of one or more!)

Monday - swim intervals (50m - 50sec recovery x 10-20)
Pilates class

Tuesday - run slow 10k on any empty stomach

Wednesday - swim intervals (same as Monday, working on getting the recovery down but I only started last week!)

Thursday - run intervals (10min warm up, 1km 5:15min/km, 500m recovery, 1km 5min/km, 500m recovery, 1km 4:45min/km 10 min cool down)

Saturday - same as Tuesday

Sunday - same as Thursday

Mon-Fri I cycle to work (45min round trip) and I cycle to go drinking with my friends/shopping/uni etc. I love Vienna because it's so cycle friendly!

I realise I do no strength training, but I really hate it with a passion. I am thinking about doing a few planks / press ups after my running sessions to ease my guilty conscience!

Like I said, I'm interested to see what everyone does!

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