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Good morning everyone. I don't know if it's my computer, the internet connection or this website but every so often when I type a post...and yes, I've typed quite a bit, all of a sudden I lose it! And now I have to remember what I typed. Maybe it lost the post because I started out complaining about the hot weather and whining about not putting the AC on! So here I go again...

I'm going to skip the complaints as I was whining...

Donna Faye, I agree with you about the AC. I didn't have AC growing up and I was fine. I didn't stay inside like the kids do today--I was out the door as soon as I ate my breakfast and only returned for lunch, then out the door again and home at 5pm for dinner and if I could sneak outside without having to help Mom with the dinner dishes I was out the door again until night fall. Now, not having the AC on makes me cranky, whiney, and not a person one wants to be around! Ask my husband! But he's such a nice man, he would not admit how badly I can act when I'm hot and sweaty. Like this morning. The book you mentioned, Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes sounds like a book I would want to read. I'll be going to the mall tomorrow and I'll make a stop at Barnes and Noble to buy it. Have you read Water for Elephants. That's a good book also if you like reading about the circus during the depression. I'm going to ask my Polish American son-in-law about Dyngus Day.

Maggie, thanks for the two recipes. I'm going to print those out. I know Wayne would love the biscuits especially. Wayne gave me a pot of Easter flowers also. Hydrangeas. He usually gets me an Easter Lily but he couldn't find them this year for some reason. I bought my Cuisinart Griddler about four years ago and both Wayne and I love it. I cook on it all the time but have yet to make a panini on it!

Jean, the potato salad and cole slaw are Weight Watchers brand bought in the deli section at Walmart. These are new products in my area. Honestly, the cole slaw is not worth buying. It tasted okay but homemade would be better and probably healthier. I haven't eaten the potato salad yet. Probably today at lunch time I will. And don't feel badly about being confused because sometimes I feel I stay in a state of confusion!!

Susan, hope your day is going well. I'll be back in later so hopefully you will have posted by then.

Okay...going to change into my walking shoes...

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