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I'm trying to get why paying 480 bucks for concentrated fiber is preferable to paying fifty or sixty bucks and getting a big wheelbarrow full of high-fiber vegetables and fruit. The fruit and veggies are a cheaper, better-tasting form of getting bulk with few calories, aren't they? Or are these physical fillers different from physically filling low-carb/low-cal vegetables?

I admit that sometimes I throw mixed greens on my plate solely as filler and eat them strictly for that reason instead of because they're just so yum-yum-GOOD, but they still taste better than a powder and give me the opportunity to chew food instead of drinking stuff, which I always find more psychologically satisfying.

480 dollars is two car payments or one third of a mortgage payment or food for a couple of months. Vegetables are a ton cheaper if you're just after bulk and filling fiber.
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