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Thank you all for all your support. I really needed that. I am doing better now, my brother and I will get through this, we talked and I think we are good for now. He is the only one in that side of the family that has even tried to keep the family together and stay in contact with me and we are real close so it hurts alot when we are not talking or getting along. As far as my parents, I think 2cute said it, "they are adults". Well I just wish they would act like it. I try to stay out of it but they just seem to always drag me into it. My Mom seems to think she has to keep me informed of the whole divorce and every move she is making and I could care less, I dont want to know anything about it. and then my Dad well he does the same thing, thinks he has to tell me every move she is making and how mad he is and how she is just screwing him over and I really dont want to hear that either. But how do you tell your parents to shut up and leave me out of it? I tried that with my mom once and boy was it a mistake, I didnt hear from her for a couple of months and if I did it was just very cold. And my Dad I tried to tell him I didnt want to talk about it and he got all defensive and said I was just taking her side. See what I mean I wish they would act like adults!! And then my grandparents, his parents, he is an only child btw, and they have always loved my mom and treated her with nothing but respect and now all of a sudden they hate her and my grandma can be a very mean woman and all she does is tell me how she is sooo wrong, and my grandpa, well call me petty but I am afraid he will cut me out of the will, he has never liked anyone but the only way he shows he cares for his family is by including you in the will so it is very bad if he cuts you out, and he has the deed to our house, which is promised to us and I am afraid of being put out of a house, and cant afford rent at this time, since we havent had to pay rent in 10 yrs. So do you all see my dilemma?? I am very screwed up and so is my family. I think you are all right though I just need to concentrate on my family and we are doing well right now and I want it to stay that way, so I wont let this get in the way of my happiness.

Once again thank you all for listening, I really just needed to vent, and boy did I.
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