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Originally Posted by marci65 View Post
Sequi, thanks for that very helpful post regarding Kashi and South Beach bars. I have about 5 days left of my MF food supply and then I am going to look I to the others you mention instead. I have only been on a month but I can't afford the MF food consistently.
If you're doing just bars and shakes, the two replacements I found should help out. You might continue to use some MF foods for variety, to keep your diet interesting and thus more likely to continue through the whole time.

Now that I'm trying the actual MF foods, I found that their cheese puffs and soft serves are fantastic, and I can't duplicate them.

Long term, I'm thinking my next order will be heavy on the puffs and soft serves (and any other items I discover I like but can't clone.) Instead of being a month's supply, however, it would probably last me for several months (because my bars and shakes would be fakes).

I'm very impressed with the MF plan. I'm down 8 lbs in 6 days (I'm counting the two days using fake foods.)

Its down to different tastes, however. My wife has been finding the foods overly sweet and some of them are downright terrible (chili, oatmeal.) I didn't mind the chili, but I don't normally eat oatmeal (so I skipped it in my order.)
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