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Good evening, my beautiful friends!

Today was spent redecorating (yes again )--I decided since I had so much open space in the bedroom to move the computer and its desk in here, along with the smaller TV (it has the cooler remote ). It actually looks a lot better!

The chair I had in the bedroom got moved to the living room, being it is blue, it matches the blue flowers on the sofa cover as well as the blue lamp (I love blue!) The bedroom is blue, pink and white with light furniture, the living room blue and ivory with darker furniture. I am rather pleased with myself (Just think of all the exercise I got too )! Plus the maintenance man is coming with new blinds for the living room tomorrow.

The winds have finally died down to 15-25 miles an hour--still breezy, but not as bad as it was over the weekend and yesterday. The rain is gone too--going to be NICE tomorrow!

Tina-Two words about adjusting our plans to our individual needs RIGHT ON! Every person is different; I tried the "nothing after 8:00PM" rule and I ended up either waking up ravenous in the middle of the night, or nauseated the next day. So I do have a little snack, whether it be fruit, a Snackwell cookie or two, a boiled egg, or my bowl of Special K Red Berries. They kill the hunger without giving me heartburn!

Deon-Sounds like you are going through a terrible time. We are here for you at any time. Hang in there

Sandy--LOVE those rules from the Male Side! Typical guys

For the rest of you, glad to see your posts, especially you 2Cute--you always crack me up at one time or another!
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