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Deon, I can only speak from my own experience with my family of mixed nuts about what has worked for me. It took a long time, but I have finally realized that my 3 brothers, my sister and I are all grown up now. What they do, unless it has a direct bearing on my family, (dh and kids) is their own business. I will not get in between any one that is fighting, and I will not take sides, it isn't worth it. As for my parents, I love them, but they don't come husband and kids are my #1 priority. A lot of tears and a whole lot of guilt brought me to this point, I'm on good terms with all but one, and I just don't have much to do with him. If I see him, I'm civil...but it's like we're acquaintances...If I dwell on it, it makes me sad that my brother and I have come to this, but he's made his sister, on the other hand, HATES him, and just keeps that hate alive and it's making her miserable. I try to convince her to just let go of all those negative feelings, but...that's a whole other story.

Another thing I've observed, but have never experienced firsthand...NEVER borrow money or buy/sell something, like a car, from a relative! At least not mine!

Sorry, that's the best I can do...I hope it all works out for you. smart cookie! Don't you love when the light bulb comes on and...VOILA! YOU GET IT! I have to fiddle around with my meals too, working nights. I try not to eat too much before bed, in the morning...breakfast is mid-late afternoon...etc whatever works, right?

I was going to share my own epiphany with you, (must be something in the air!) but I have to scurry off to the gym. I'll tell you when I get back!

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson
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