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Hey Sid,

I relate very much. From the mother (who wouldn't let me have a muffin after ballet because I was chubby at 6, so I had to give it back to the teacher. oh, pain) to what happened on my own exchange program and everything between and since.

Difference is I have 10 years on you, 10 years I have spent with my head in the toilet and up and down the same 4 clothing sizes and completely, completely, obsessed with food and my body.

In other words, ****.

At your age I did recognize my issues but still failed to really act. Therapy, groups, meds--- didn't help me because I wouldn't let them help me.

I wish I'd found OA back then and tried abstinence and a 12 step program. I would have been turned off by the spiritual aspect, probably, which I can tolerate better now.

Nevertheless I wish I'd done it. It requires actual work, no bs, no intellectualizing. I am glad you've come to the point you have right if now, so that you can act on it.

Please don't spend a decade in bulimia or even bingeing.



There is no need to contemplate the future with respect to my eating or my body. I am following a plan today, and that is my only concern.
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