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Maggie -- How annoying to have barking dogs keep you awake during the night! I would be and even more so if I had to get up and go to work the next day. I need to check a couple recipes and then think I'm ready to do my food shopping for the weekend. I wish I wasn't the chief cook. I'll have snacky stuff for the kids and will send leftovers home with them too. Glad Will found the guacamole for you.

Susan -- You have done a great job for the tax people for them to ask you to stay on for another week. You had a busy day with going to the Y, working, and your quilting bee tonight. I wish we could start cleaning house in Washington and cut their raises and perks so they are on the same level with everyone else. Maybe then they wouldn't be so quick to spend our hard earned money! I just think it is crazy what some of the CEOs make . . . and the tax loopholes they find.
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