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Default Hello All!


Hi, my name is Nona. My username comes from a story by Tanith Lee that was published years ago in Isaac Asimovís Science Fiction Magazine. It means ďthe love that does not dieĒ. I liked the story and the idea, and it has my real name in it. I am going to be 58 on May 20th. I have been a widow since 1995. I have dated since then but have not found a Traveling Companion yet. Still hopeful.

I have two grow sons, 30 and 26. They are my heart. My oldest has a wonderful lady that he has been with since he was 16 and I love her dearly. They have a rock band together and he also is a free lance photographer. My youngest lives with me. He is studying criminal justice. We are in Philadelphia.

I have 3 kitties, two are short haired torticos and the other one is a calico main coon mix. My son also has a sweet doggie of indeterminate heritage, although we believe there may be some dobie and greyhound in there. Her name is Jonah and she is a totally run over by the cats.

I have been talking Middle Eastern Dance (aka belly dance) classes since 9 months after my husband died. It helped me reconnect with life and also helped me to rehabilitate after years of undiagnosed and untreated hypothyroid had devastated my health. I did a lot of two steps forward, one step back during those years, and the dance kept me centered and focused during those times. I started performing in 2004 with various student groups and the Washington DC Branch of Public Urban Ritual Experiment, and now I co-facilitate the brand new and growing Philadelphia Branch.

I also enjoy different types of needlework, and planning, coordinating and doing projects around my house. I am renovating it after leaving it in the hands of 20-something male children for a number of years. Yikes! I have a lot of work to get done! But they are helping me!.

I have been a registered nurse since 1974. I have had a varied and rich career in many roles and settings within the behavioral health field. I also am a certified personal coach since 2007. I like to coach people with differences, usually on the ADHD spectrum. Iím also certified with the Edge Foundation to coach teens and college age ADHD students.

I enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy. I enjoy So You Think You Can Dance when I get a chance to watch it. Do not watch Dancing With The Stars. Like wedding shows, Deadliest Catch, Dirtiest Jobs, some cooking shows. Favorite movie is Princess Bride, Pride and Prejudice comes in close second. .


I am 5 feet 1 inch. I currently weigh 165. My highest weight was 196 right before I was diagnosed hypothyroid. I had been sick for 5 years by then. I was always a very thin child and also up until 40 was not overweight. I believed I was, but so much for the American mindset and obsession with thin. I digress. I lost 30 lbs fairly easily and quickly with treatment and Atkins. Then it slowed down at 165. I have yo-yoed back and forth from aprox 175 and 155 for over a decade now. Last year I was at 153, the doctor lowered my thyroid medications; I got very sick and was up to 180 in 4 weeks. That was last year around my birthday. So I have been inching down since then and am back at 165. I would like to be at 140, which was the last weight I was at healthy and fit before everything fell apart. I cannot follow the darn charts for my height and weight. I did that on WW in my 30ís, got to 125, the upper range, and you could count my ribs, I looked sick and I could not maintain it. I must just have heavy bones. Anyway, when I get there I can always reevaluate. I do not have a time frame, just going to follow a low carb diet. Right now I am restricting carbs pretty strictly but I will probably settle n to about 100gms a day. I do my belly dance for fitness, however I also have done T-Tapp and think itís an excellent program.

I want to go to Australia and swim with the cuttlefish. Perhaps to celebrate turning 60 in two years!

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