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Originally Posted by hollyfer View Post
I have a question about packets before bed. I'm at the beginning of my third week and I'm trying to settle my eating patterns so I am satisfied. I currently have 4 packets a day. I find I'm really not hungry after dinner, but often hungry during the day so I've been experimenting with eating all my packets before dinner. I'm wondering now if I am 'supposed' to have packet before bed. Is 7pm to 7am too long to go without eating, even if I'm not hungry?
yes, that is far too long to go without eating. Your body will start to go after muscle mass (which could be anything, even your heart!) and it will actually slow your loss because your metabolism will slow down. Try freezing a pudding into some icecream maybe? or mix a pudding into a hot chocolate?

Originally Posted by dunwitfat View Post
Well, I am very close to my goal weight. I'm feeling great about not being on blood pressure meds - Any advice for Phase II ?
Please come join us on the Life after Phase 1 thread, and read the old one on the is full of great advice from lots of very successful IPer's like Novak and Ogdog etc. I know it really helped me keep from panicking to be able to see that other people had so many of the same kinds of questions I did, and to learn how they solved them. CONGRATS!

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