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Good morning! You know that old saying "Be careful what you wish for; you may get it"? Well, Wayne has a job...but...he had to sign a contract at his new job yesterday agreeing that if a machine breaks down he will stay to fix matter how long it takes. Okay...I understand that. However, he discovered that the company has spread the skilled trades (which Wayne is classified) so thin that everyone is extremely overworked and the norm is 12-hour days. And it's not because the machines break down it's because they don't have enough people to work their job. The moral in the place is kinda low. I'm just wondering what kind of place Wayne has found. With me helping him to find the place! Don't get me wrong, Wayne (and I) are very glad that he's got a job. His first day he worked overtime!

Donna Faye, I'm in the process of knitting a baby blanket for my youngest grandson. He has "loved" the blanket I knitted for him when he was born, that there are HUGE holes in it...and no, it's way beyond repair! That blanket has been dragged all over the place and now it looks like a 6 ft. trapezoid shaped...thing. And the color? Anyway, it was well-loved and I'm glad of that. My daughter asked me if I would knit him another one...just like the first one. After talking to the almost-four-year-old, he said he NEEDS a new one and asked for the same color..."just like this one, grandmommy!" So how could I resist? I'm 17" into it. He asks about it all the time and somehow he got it in his head that it will take 7 weeks to finish. (I hope to be finished by the end of the month!)

I have discovered a new food. Wholly Guacamole (endorsed by The Greatest Loser). It is sooooooo good! I may not be able to keep it in the house and may only buy it when the kids are coming over so it will be eaten before they leave. That's how good it is.

Because gas prices are soaring here in DE, hubby and I are sharing my car as it gets very good gas mileage. I have my car tomorrow so I'll be running errands including going to WW. I've been maintaining my weight in a 2-3 pound range. I have got to get back on track and also start exercising (walking) more. So I'll be making a grocery list today.

I hope everyone is having a grand day.

Take care.
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