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What an inspiration you are! I am going to save a copy of your post to look at when I am at the maintenance stage. That you for it!!

I am so happy to hear that is IS key to eat and exercise in a way we can maintain for life. So many people have recommended lower calorie plans to me or fad diets and I have to keep telling myself that it is not something I could do for life. It is tough to do that when people are telling you about all the weight they are losing on this or that plan.

For me, it is all about giving the best to my body -- and that means enough calories for me, clean food, fun exercise, and many motivators. I have to keep telling myself that this is what works for me and not to be tempted by others' plans. Thanks for making that all the more clear!


Started Sonoma Diet 1/9/06. St. Patty's Goal:

Started 7/11/05 @ 278
Weight loss to date: 38 lbs.
Goal: 160

Program: pure foods, weight lifting, cardio

Body for Life 9/26/05-12/19/05 after about 8 weeks of non BFL lifiting
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