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Its been a while since I have been on here, I was diagnosed with a Prolactinoma 5 years ago, and thanks to the change in healthcare costs my insurance at the company I worked for changed drastically, where my treatment was no longer covered. Now I have moved to a different company where the healthcare is even worse, so I have looked into some homeopathic remedies. I have decided to use a vitamin B compound multivitamin, and try Chasteberry. Due to the costs related with treament, I guess the only way I will know if anything is working, is if the lactation decreases, or ceases to exist, and if my mentrual cycle returns. This is a big step for me, as I havent menstruated in 10 years, and got used to it, if it does return I am not sure how to handle that. but hopes are my husband and myself will be able to conceive and have a child together, I am not getting any younger here, and would love to have children of my own. I have 4 step children, I would like have one of my own
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