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Good Sunday morning to everyone. The house is quiet, so I can be on my computer for a bit before I have to start making breakfast. I feel very bright and awake this morning. It feels good.

So, one positive thing about me today...I love how much I value personal growth and that I'm not afraid of the struggle. I think that's a really good thing about me.

Aggie, you asked for a list of my talents:
I am intelligent ..and quick witted...which isn't always an appreciated talent by others.
I am funny!
I can read my children's minds! (I know this for I often hear the words, "But how did you know?!" coming out of their mouths.)
I have an incredible ability at spacial orientation. That means I can picture things in my head really well.
I can recognize voices.
I have strong color memory, like I can buy thread at the fabric store for fabric I bought years ago and left it at home. And it matches!

As a result of having these talents, I have strong skills as well:
I am a good writer, albeit not-yet-paid
I am a good mother
I have design, artistic and craft skills - I'm a web designer, custom clothier, furniture builder
I am a good cook and have no problem putting together dinner parties for more than 20 people
I am a good dancer
I am a good public speaker

That's enough for now...I want to hear about everyone else's talents and skills.

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