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Good Evening all you wonderful ladies,

I know it has been a while since I have posted and I apologize I have just had alot going on and until last sunday I wasn't really watching what I was eating I have been kind of depressed a little bit since I got laid off from my temporary job on March 4th and I still haven't found another job yet but I have signed up with another job agency so that makes 3 job agencies that I have signed up with and of course I am on the computer looking for jobs at all the job websites like michigan works, careerbuilders, and monster.

So, we got our taxes back and I decided to buy myself a better food scale and I actually bought one that comes with a food code book and it will tell you how many calories something is by how much it weighs so like for example look up the code for grapes and enter the code and the put the bowl you want to measure the grapes in on the scale and then zero it out and then put the grapes in and you can put in as much or as little as you want and it will tell you how many cals, carbs, sodium, etc. I love it and when I got on the scale last sunday I weighed 288.9 ( yikes I know) but then today when I got on the scale I am down to 285.4 so that puts me at 3.5 lbs lost for the week.

I have been reading everyone's posts to try to get motivated and keep myself motivated and since I got my food scale and have started using it that has really gotten me motivated so that is why I thought I would come back here and jump back in.

Learn...I am doing good other than not having a job I am doing pretty well thank you for asking.

Well, that is about all for tonight I have to go change my ticker now but I will be back tomorrow.

Hope all you ladies are doing wonderful
My goal weight is to be 199 or lower by 8/31/12 when I go to Texas for my sisters wedding:

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