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Hey chickies,
I snuck away from everyone to take a peep at how part 15 was getting along and I am loving it!!!!

isn't it amazing re-finding yourself, the you that you really are underneath all the stuff and walls we have built for ourselves. As a friend of mine says, after losing over 100 lbs, the new funkier me has come out to play. Rebirth is a joyous occassion, enjoy my loves.
Now sweetie pie, any chance we can have a look see at the new doo, the new you, that is finding herself and loving herself!!! Rock momma, cause I am here rocking for ya too!!!!!

I knew you would come up with something cheerful and awesome to say about part 15!!! I can always rely on you!!!! Smooches

I am thrilled that you have put avoiding us to side and stepped up to the plate. It seems to me that you have started with two sensational positives sweetie, and I know if you are full of confidence about yourself, that your self love is in there somewhere. So take that assertiveness and put it to work, so that when you look at the woman in mirror, all you have is love for her!!!!
I would love for you too share your talents with us. I love getting to know all my ladies, friends, sisters, shucks family here, cause that is what we are.

It would be amazing if you can post a positive everyday, becasue it will surely build you and your self esteem up and hey it will help us too. Lots of times when we posts and we read, you are not only helping yourself but we all take something special away with us too. So please come back as much as you want and let us cheer you on!!!!

hugs love and blessings,
remember to make evey moment count,

Gotta run, they are calling my name. LOL LOL NO really they are calling my name!!!! BE back tomorrow with all of my positivies!!!!!
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