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Originally Posted by MadBlackWoman View Post
Ladies, I Just had to pop in here to tell you how absolutely fantastic I am feeling about myself these days. One of my biggest excuses used to be that I was too busy to eat healthily and that I didn't have time to make good decisions. Or, even if I wanted to, there were too many occasions to eat out and there are no healthier options for me because I don't eat seafood.

This is all poppycock.

I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday last night and I actually ate a salad for dinner. Granted, it was a steak salad, but it was a lean cut of steak and I could actually see how much of a portion I was getting. I got the dressing on the side so I could see how much I was adding and ration myself appropriately. Instead of binging in the bread basket, I had one smallish triangle of pita bread and then nothing else.

Oh, and earlier yesterday I went to get a haircut for the first time in about 8 months. My hair was long (as it has been for the past five years) and kind of raggedy looking. Since I just had my 30th birthday about a month ago, I went to the woman and just said that I wanted a change. I didn't know what I wanted, but I wanted something more contemporary and fun and that would make me look different. She cut about five inches off my hair and gave me an A-line cut (which is slightly shorter in the back and then gets longer around the front) and it looks phenomenal. I got SO MANY compliments on my hair last night and people were saying how great I looked and that I was glowing. As I continue on this weight loss journey, I feel like some of the negativity and sadness and angst is being peeled away and revealing the happy, outgoing, positive person I am inside. It's kind of exciting to realize

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!
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