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Back to the subject at hand...maintenance...

Meg - this was a really timely post - not only it being your one-year anniversary (first of many years... YAY! ) but also because of something that has really been on my mind the past few days...and how important a maintenance factor is in ANY type of plan.

Some of you might remember a tempest that brewed up here earlier this year regarding a person who is regarded as somewhat of a fitness guru and inspirational touchstone, who runs an online personal training program. I had done the program myself...and while I lost weight on the plan, it was difficult to maintain that loss. One of the issues I discussed in my posts back earlier this year was the lack of a maintenance factor in the plan - once the weight comes off, how to KEEP it off?

Last week, some photos were posted of the person who runs this me they were shocking to say the least - they showed a significant weight gain...I really have mixed feelings about them, and actually hesitated to post anything publicly about those photos...but the subject matter here at hand inspired me to express myself on that topic.

I mean...losing bodyfat is TOUGH. We ALL know this. Changing your eating and activity habits from what is now the American norm to a much healthier way of life - and striving to keep those new healthy habits in the face of all the temptations we are confronted TOUGH, but as Meg so eloquently pointed out in her last post - it's NOT impossible. (I've been thinking of joining that National Weight Control group for some years myself...just keep forgetting...maybe now's the time to do it!)

But jeez...if I was going to spend my life yo-yoing up and down...depriving myself completely of the pleasure of enjoying good food (yes, it IS a pleasure!) for weeks on get to a certain point - only to totally lose it and BINGE on everything in sight for God knows how long...until depression sets in...I don't want to live like that. As far as scale weight, my low maintenance level at this point is around 143-147 pounds. A bit higher than Meg, but then again I'm a loose size four at that weight, so I can live with that quite happily

Anywhoo...I can tell I'm rambling again. Re-read that quote from the 1990 study I posted above...that's what I'm talkin' about...
Maintainers made decisions to lose weight and then devised personal weight-loss plans to fit their lives. These plans usually included regular exercise or activity and a new eating style of reduced fat, reduced sugar,more fruits and vegetables, and much less food than previously eaten. Maintainers reported being patient, setting small goals that they could meet, and sticking to their personally devised weight-loss plans. Some used ideas from earlier weight-loss experiences, some used diets from books, but all persisted until new eating patterns were established...However, they did not completely restrict favorite foods and made efforts to avoid feelings of deprivation while changing food patterns.

In contrast, few relapsers (36%) had exercised to help lose weight. They had lost weight by taking appetite supressants, fasting, or going on restrictive diets that they could not sustain. They took diet formulas and went to weight-control groups and programs many times. While dieting they did not permit themselves any of the special foods they enjoyed...
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