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This is an interesting question becuz GOD has given us FREE WILL; and the FREEDOM to choose life or death (Deuter 30:19). Yes, He has also given us dominion over all the earth and all it contains too (Psalm 8:6). He has given us control over a lot really -- including the choices we make each day. I do prefer to pray and ask for His guidance though; and I do truly believe we get guidance from His Word (the bible) and the Holy Spirit as well.

So, while we may choose to be dependant upon GOD for many good things and His Angel protection, and His wisdom and salvation, and His grace & mercy, and many other wonderful things ... we are also FREE at the same time.

The bible says that "if the Son (Jesus) makes you FREE, then you are free indeed" (John 8:36) & "Christ has made us free" (Galatians 5:1). We are free to make better choices; free from the bondage to sin and free from the fear of death (including the second one); free from guilt & shame; and free to choose a better life & a brighter future for ourselves too ...

Jesus also offered us freedom from the cares of this world, including enslavement to money & things, relationships & people, idols, worries & anxieties, appearances & status, plus rituals, rites & the old laws, etc. Now that's freedom!

While we need to let our hearts be child-like to be free to believe (not childish); we still need to grow up & mature to make adult decisions & choices. That is a unique freedom we have in Christ: to have a free child-like faith in GOD, yet we can still make choices too, like any adult would.

And it's true that man can not always be depended upon (like someone else mentioned here); but we can trust in GOD and rely on the LORD becuz they are faithful & true ... and pure & holy and dependable! That's another freedom GOD gives us. Freedom to trust and rely on Him (just like a child would his/her parent); but GOD is a mature Father and allows us free choice and free will too. He allows us to grow up and make decisions & choices for our lives as well (just like any good parent would); and that includes the freedom to make mistakes too (and boy, do we ever do that a lot; what a patient GOD He is)!

So we have the best of both worlds: we can have some dependancy on GOD and yet Freedom at the same time. Some believe, the less we depend upon ourselves, and the more we depend on GOD, the free-er we become. Does that make any sense to you? Less of me, more of Christ ... is true freedom! I put my confidence in GOD's goodness and in Christ's righteousness, not in me becuz I am flawed & weak. BUT, as I become more like HIM, that is -- the best person that I can be, the free-er me I'll be ...
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