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Happy Anniversary Meg!!!

What a great post! I love your list! Most of them could have been written by me. I'm not at the point of trying to do the first two yet, but I know they are true!

You may have maintained your weight, but you've certainly made progress!

I am not at all sure I will ever be comfortable with the word "maintenence," though. I doubt I will ever want to do that. For me, the word seems to be in the same category as "getting toned." It makes me cringe! lol... It makes me think that no progress of any kind is being attempted or made and that just isn't the case. Maintaining weight, which is what you're talking about, is fine. We need to do that at some point. There are just so many other ways to make progress that using the word maintain doesn't seem quite right to me.

May year two and beyond be as good!

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