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Thanks for your advice. Just feel like this was the worst thing that could have possibly happened today. Stressful deadline, tired, long day and have argued a few times this week with him. Think I've blown it out of proportion. It wasn't a shock seeing that video. It was a shock it being on the disc I wanted for my coursework though. Its just that we went to his cousins wedding the other week and his parents and sister kept comparing it to his wedding in front of me. I got really upset then too. I know that we'll struggle to get married in a church with him having been married before and he has said that when we do get married he just wants to keep it small. But my family always have big traditional weddings. I want everyone to see the man I'm spending my life with. I want the "perfect wedding". All the trimmings, if you know what I mean. Its difficult not to want to place blame on the woman who got there first for taking that away from you.

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