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I’m a former beauty therapist and we used dry brushing a lot. Here’s the how to -
You use a natural bristle (aveda has a good one)
You brush from the furthest part of your body towards the heart, ie start at the toes. the reason for this is it is a lymphatic stimulator, don’t brush down you are fighting your body.
Use as much pressure as you like, firm enough to feel but don’t make yourself uncomfortable, it’s supposed to be a nice experience.
ALWAYS before your shower/ bath. The water enhances the brushing effect.
Here the science behind it –
You are helping stimulate your lymph system, this is a waste disposal system of your body. (You know when you cut yourself, don’t bleed but there is that clear liquid that can bead there? That’s your lymph fluid)
You are brushing off the dead and flaky skin, allowing the new soft fresh skin to come to the surface. Hence you feel all soft and silky (and who doesn’t like that!)
As for the cellulite, well, really there is minimal “getting rid of” what you are doing is stimulating the skin, as such you get increased blood flow (ie you go pink) and this brings with it the food your skin needs. This gives you nicer feeling skin, also plumps out the dermal layers and “smooths out” the bummpyness. There is some pseudoscience that claims that the drawing away of the toxins under the skin will get rid of the cellulite. Have yet to see any believable research on this.
I hate to say it but once you got cellulite, it’s staying. UPSIDE!! It’s genetic and you can be as skinny and fit as you want, if your programmed to get it you will!.
I hope that was helpful
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