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Pinkflower- thank you for sharing that you were able to get to a weight that seemed unreachable to you. What you said about picking yourself up after a slip up and continueing on is so important. Its something I've never done in the past, but I'm hoping I have finally learned from that hung "all or nothing" mentality mistake. I am going to steart setting smaller mini goals. Like 5 lbs, so it seems easier to acheive.
Icedragon6669- Panic weight is a good name for it too. That weight that has become the "abandon ship" point in the past. It definitely brings a lot for anxiety for me. Panic is a perfect way to describe it.

zoodoo613 - I actually had something like that before I had kids. The most I had lost was about the same, 30 - 35 lbs. My highest pre pregnancy was 185 lbs, lowest 145 lbs and average was 160 . If I only could ahve lost 49 lbs (what I've lost so far) when I was 160 lbs !!!

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