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Unhappy Approaching my "mental block" weight

This whole time I've been losing weight, its just a "given" in the back of my mind that I will get to about 160 lbs and then the weight loss will stop. Either I will give up or it will get too hard or whatever.

The reason is 160 lbs was about my maintained (over) weight through my late teens and 20s. The 2 times I got pregnant I got up to 240 the first time and 220 the second time. So I was firm in my mind that those weights were not my "normal" weight so I would lose it. There was just no bones about it.

But get under 160? I've never been able to maintain a weight under 160 and I've never gotten lower than like 145. But truthfully with my build and height, I should probably be about 130, maybe lower??. I don't know since I've never BEEN a healthy weight, so that's just a guess. But even the 140 lbs I set as a goal seems like a pipedream. Like I'm not supposed to be an attractive, healthy weight. I've never been not fat. Even when at one time barely fit into a size 6, I was still very fatty and lumpy with rolls and such. I have such a small frame that I'm afraid of the weight I have to be to not look so "rolly" without clothes. (And I was exercising/weight training at this time) And that I'll never reach it or maintain it without starving myself and exercising like 5 hours a day. I remember just to get to 145 lbs I was running like an hour a day and following an extremely low carb diet. (Like 20 grams a day) I could not maintain that lifestyle forever, and I can't do it again.

I'm nervous because I am soon approaching my mental block weight. I also know as I lose more weight, its going to get harder to lose, further feeding into this idea that I can't lose weight under a certain point.
I feel like 159 lbs - 145 lbs will be the hardest stretch. Once I get below 145 lbs, I will kind of feel like I've "broken the spell".

Anyone else have a history of a certain weight they never got under (with previous diets) and feel like that weight is just waiting for them to foul up their weightloss efforts?

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