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Default Sick of being single and hating online dating

I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I'm 29, about to turn 30, and I never thought I'd be absolutely single at this age. I'm sure most 30 year old single women feel the same way. What's frustrating is that I've lived in NYC for 5 years and with the exception of reuniting with an old boyfriend for about a year, I haven't had ANY new boyfriends since I moved here. Guys don't even talk to me. I have no idea why! I'm fun, intelligent, cute, etc. All the things that someone "should" want. I tried for a few months, which ended up in 3 dates that were a disaster. I signed up for eharmony a few weeks ago and I'm struggling. A handful of guys have contacted me and the communication doesn't go past the first step. I respond (at this point I'm not ruling anyone out until I meet them, unless they are just outright crazy) but they never respond back. I've contacted a bunch and only a handful have responded back, but they answer my questions and don't send anything back to me. Maybe I don't understand how the site works, but aren't they supposed to send me something if they want to keep the communication going? Why just answer my questions if they aren't interested in keeping it going? Anyway... the whole "guided" communication thing is weird. I've also ruled out a couple guys because I didn't like the answers to the questions I sent. Like, one guy pretty much said that his career is priority over everything in his life, including girlfriend, wife, family, friends, etc. UH, then why are you paying to use this website?? Duh. Anyway... I'm totally frustrated and I don't understand why men aren't interested in me. I'm kinda convinced that I won't meet anyone until I leave NYC. It's just a mean city and people's priorities seem to be messed up. Well, maybe not messed up. But no longer "traditional" like mine are. I SO want to get married and have a family but at this point I don't think having children is in the cards for me. I don't want to have them too late in life and 33 is my age limit. 3 years to meet that special someone, fall in love, get married, and have kids? Uh, not happening!
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