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My problem is panic. I start to panic, thinking if I eat "x" because I'm hungry, because I just want it, or because I feel out of control I start to obsess over how catastrophic it would be and how the rest of the day will be thrown off because I'm going to be hungry again for "y" and "z" so of course it'll ruin the day. Then what will happen tomorrow? Well the whole week is going to be shot! Then I'll never fit into those size 10's this summer!

...the scary thing is this thought process happens in the matter of seconds. I'm learning to slow down my mind, parcel the anxious feelings, and calm myself down. I try to tell myself "It's only food. It's not a malicious enemy, nor is it a magic cure for whatever is wrong. I can eat it or not eat it, it's my choice." Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But it's getting a little easier.

I'm also working on making myself, as you said, "get a grip." Being 500, or even 600, 700 calories over for one day is not going to have a long-term effect. This week, next week, etc do not matter if I continually let go of slip-ups and focus on health and nutrition each day. Which is why I put the ticker in my signature counting the days since I decided no matter what mistakes I make I'm going to keep doing what I know works with or without current losses on the scale.
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