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They are definitely bad... only because it tastes like cardboard.

I have done slim fast in the past, I don't see it as unhealthy if used according to plan! I still now use a shake (not always slim fast) as an occasionally meal substitute (maybe 5 meals out of 21), (tends to be a time thing, as I would prefer a shake to having no breakfast, and mornings and time are a big issue with me). Nutritionally I think they are OK for a short/middle time period, I would not suggest someone being on them indefinitely. Sometimes people us slimfast to start the weight loss journey and once the weight starts coming off they move to a more sustainable diet.

As for learning new food habits I agree shake diets don't really teach you much, but I do know a lot of people who start on shake diets , start losing weight, that then have the motivation to look at their diets and learn better habits, sometimes it takes results to get the motivation. Shake diets are good for that with quick results from the beginning. I had a friend who went from a shake diet to now running in all the local fun runs, once the weight started coming off she felt that great that she caught the running bug!

What right does anyone have to judge someone elses choices? why do you need to change her decision on this? There is a difference between offering opinion or offering real advise and then trying to force her to change her mind, why do you need more proof to shove in her face? If a friend approached me like that I would soon walk away. Sometimes we just need our frineds suppport NO matter what path we take.

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