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Thanks for getting the thread up!

Who's here this month?

Me, me!

How are you?

Better, but still a bit disoriented.

What are you working on?

Losing the GAIN! Ugh!

How was last month?

Rough. My dad wigged out and I had to step in to help my mom with eldercare stuff. It was just a mess of not normal eating -- frozen food, dining out, etc. And feeling all strange on the Glumetza -- it still makes me HUNGRIER on it that when I'm not even though it's supposed to be helping me not be hungry. Bizarre. I'm going to give it a shot and then see if I can't just go back to Glucophage. Ugh.

I was a bit less present on this board than usual and I had a weight gain. I'm in the middle waiting for TOM so I'm hoping some of this bloat weight let's me go so I can feel somewhat normal and not all puffy.

How's your PCOS management going?

Well, I'm a month out from my endoc appt and new labs. So I'd like to get aggressive with the workouts and food log and at least try to repair the regain.

I also want to be more HERE on this board this month because I see it really helps me.

Here I go...

Started Jan 2016:

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