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Originally Posted by goodforme View Post
I've read that women are naturally quad-dominant. There is a "test" you can do (I'll try to find and post a link) but the one that hit the point home for me was this:

I cannot do lunges. A tip I read said to kneel down on the floor (like you're going to pop the question) and then stand up. I could NOT get up. I literally felt like my legs were paralyzed. I had to use my hands on the floor, and my back foot toes to push myself up.

There are ways to "activate" the glutes and hamstrings, and I'll try to post a link to some of those as well. . .
huh, just did that and had no problem at all... does that mean I have strong hams/glutes? I don't like lunges in general because of my knees (they pop like crazy when I do them) but I try and do static lunges instead.

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