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Originally Posted by Deena52 View Post
This is a very unusual clinical pattern, I think. And I'm assuming you never had binge behavior before you lost the weight, right? It's really fascinating, actually. you know or recall what the emotion was that initiated the binge? Anxiety? Depression? Angry? Or was it boredom? Or hunger?

I know that for instance, teen girls will get interested in and participate in anorexia/bulimia behaviors in order to lose a few pounds and to keep up with their peers. But certain ones will get addicted to the behavior.....when they might not have come to that point, had they never heard of it or participated in it. It's very complex....about control, etc. From what I've read, there also seems to be this huge element of feeling extremely uncomfortable if they swallow anything and want to get it the point where eating ANYTHING causes them severe anxiety.

And for a person, let's say a teen, who goes to a party, tries heroin, and then continues to do it and becomes addicted......when presumably, they would not have become a heroin addict in the first place had they never tried it. MANY opiate addicts started when they received pain meds for surgery, injury, etc......but never had an interest in it prior to that.

Of course, there has to be something underlying these behaviors....if the teen girl had never heard of anorexia/bulimia.....would she have found some other sort of negative/addicting behavior of some other sort?

I'm trying to think of what would be responsible for this binging....since you did not participate in that behavior before you lost the weight...right? Did you ever binge before losing the 20 lbs.?
You almost seem to be indicating that by reading this forum...over time....and reading about so many describing binging began to suddenly participate.....almost just like the anorexia/bulimia and heroin examples. As if had you never become interested in dieting and calorie counting, this might have been a behavior you might never have participated in before and you'd never had any prior interest at all.

Generally speaking, people with binging issues (and weight issues) have had them, to some degree, throughout their lives. A teen girl who discovered bulimia might start binging when she's discovered that she can eat without gaining weight (by getting rid of it).......but why would she have wanted to do it in the first place? Most of the time, this behavior is preceded by anorexia, deprivation (of food), hunger.....which could explain the suddenly developed obsession with binging, once she learns about bulimia

My personal theory on binging (not saying I'm right, of course) that the biggest component is physiological, rather than psychological/emotional. Not that there is not an emotional component, but I don't think it factors in as much as the physiological. Those of us who did really low-carbing to lose our weight, realized we suddenly had no more cravings and binges. And I don't have problems with these behaviors.....until and unless I start eating simple carbs/sweets/sugar. Then I'm off to the races.

Is there any component of this in your case? That after calorie counting and reaching goal, you've suddenly allowed yourself to eat high/simple carb foods and they have kicked-in this behavior? Were you able to eat whatever you'd wanted prior to this? And how did you eat prior to starting calorie counting to lose weight? What types of junk/processed foods did you tend to eat the most?

Could it be possible that you are now allowing yourself to have some junk? Simple carb/sugar kinda stuff? After not eating it for a while? This could have possibly kicked-in this behavior.

I enjoyed reading's quite unusual.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to reply.

As for deena, your post was amazing and i'll try to answer the questions since you seem genuinely interested in this.

First of all, i have truly never had any past history with binging or any emotional eating issues. Family and influences around me have always been extremely healthy when it comes to self esteem etc. *
Before losing weight, my diet was a typical university student diet - alot of pepsi, ready made meals, take out and chocolate. Never did i binge though. If i'm brutally honest, i never even knew what the meaning of a binge was. *The thought of eating and eating and eating until you were uncomfortably full - and then going back for more was so foreign to me. I was one of those people who would think,how can you NOT control putting food in your mouth?? Who would eat and eat past being so full?. What do you mean you lose control and look nervously for ANYTHING to eat when your in that mindset? Now, i understand dully.

Before losing weight, i don't even remember eating at all until i was even a little uncomfortably full to be honest. Food and calories were nothing to me. I never took a second thought to any of it. I remember some of my gfs out to dinner would make comments about how many calories the meals was - and to me, that was soo foreign for me. It just wasn't a part of my life. All this was less than a year ago, and my how times have changed and i wish i could go back.

I lost weight because i just wanted to tone up. I'm 5'0 with a very small frame. I did NOT even dramatically change what i ate. I just added fruits and veg to my diet and cut down the portion size of thr processed meals and cut down the chocolate a little bit - never eliminated it. I barely even weighed myself when i lost weight. I did it so happily. No second thought to what i can or can't have. Never thought i was on a "diet"

When i lost weight, i was(still am) so incredibly proud of myself. I had the body i dreamed about. Never thought it would ever happen, and it did! I started going online to read about other people's journeys. Found SP and found the msg boards so interesting. It was after finding *SP that i found out about calories and counting etc. All that stuff never registered with me at all. Not once when i lost weight did i look at the calories of my food!

So ya, after reading a lot more stuff..things started Going all over the place. First it was calorie counting, then the obsession with the scale and then binging. Binging is the only thing that remains. I do remember the first few times i did it, i'd eat like 8 special k bars in a row..then it got worse and worse with the amount i was, its to the point where i can kind of feel it coming on. Before, i couldn't. Since i've realized that stress and anxiety triggers it, i can feel it coming - stopping it from happening clearly hasn't been successful.

When i don't have an episode, my eating is really healthy now. I have treats when i want, i eat a lot of fruits and veg and protein that i love. There's no problem in my everyday normal diet.*

I guess the part that i get so confused about is that my confidence and self esteem is at an all time high. I've never been happier to go shopping or even wear a bikini! So why do i do this to myself. It's passed the weight or number on the scale for me now. It's been my way of coping with stress. It's not like i've replaced food with another way of dealing with stress though. I used to just struggle a lot with sleeping when stressed out, and still do..and now i got food to add to the list.

Ugh, sorry about this essay! I was really interested in your response deena, so thank you
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