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Originally Posted by NEMom View Post
To get my chocolate fix I have started eating a Kelloggs Fiber Bar the Chocolate Chip ones are awsome. 120 calories but so worth it and the fiber helps fill me up so I can eat one as an afternoon snack and make it until dinner time.
Also, sugar free extra gum has come out with some really good flavors, I have tried the mint chocolate chip and strawberry short cake ones and they are good. Only 5 calories a stick and can sometimes help take away the cravings.
Yes! I love the Key Lime pie gum that Extra has...only 5 calories and it kicks the "I need to have something sweet after lunch" craving. I also love the FiberOne Oats & Chocolate bars...they are 140 calories, but I love them and I make them fit into my calorie allotment for the day.
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