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I also have a sweet tooth-but since I have been controlling my diet and exercise better, it's been toned down quite a bit! I just let myself have the things that I want in moderation, but I work for them. I don't eat quite as many calories at dinner or earlier so that I could have it, and on top of that, I walk to the store to go get it myself and only get one of whatever it is. Often, I do heavy hands on the way to the store, which burns even more calories. I don't record that exercise, and I don't use that to negate my treat-but I find that I feel good about eating something I want if I have worked for it. If I have to have chocolate, I get a candy bar at the store and split it with someone or save half of it for another day and really enjoy the bit that I have-a half a candy bar lasted me four hours. Before I started this ordeal, it would have been gone within five minutes. It used to be, that sugar acted as crack-one bite of anything sweet and I needed more omg right now! But now, I really can take it or leave it and I don't really have to have it. That also might be because I do let myself have treats once in awhile. I hope this helps-that's how I deal

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