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I agree, play with it, but in case you were still curious:

I always think it's a good idea to slightly underestimate your activity level, to make up for most of our sedentary non-exercise lives. I listed you as moderately active and with your height and age and weight it says to lose two lbs a week you could be eating around 2225 cals.

Wow, I need to be more active I eat about 15-1600 and am lightly active. (I exercise about 5 days a week and about 30-45 mins most days, for perspective.) I'm 241 and I lose about 2 lbs a week, sometimes more, sometimtes less, on average though, about 2. I DO need to up my activity though. Today I am trying for 8 miles on the bike.

Pay attention to your appetite, physical and mental as well. I find if I eat over 1600 cals (when exercising) I kind of want to binge. if I eat under 1300, I want to binge. I try and keep things at about 13-1600, I bounce around depending on how active I am, but even if it's recommended it's too dangerous for me to break those numbers. It's getting easier though, that top number used to be 1500.
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