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NurseJessie Well, I understand your feelings but I too have also allowed yet another year to pass and I was the same weight, if not a few pounds more. I paniced last June and realized that yet another birthday was coming up shortly and here I hadn't "done anything" about my weight. Well, I had an inspired 6 weeks where I was able to lose 25 lbs. I gained back a couple here and there and I resumed my weight lose efforts about 6 weeks ago, which by the way "sucked" BIG TIME! However, I do have that resolve now that no matter how difficult it will be to chip off the rest of this extra weight I will do it no matter how long it takes. I may be the last one on this site and told to turn out the lights when I am done but I will be here until this gets done!

As for instant gratification, that is a struggle that will not go away in one day, one diet or one will have times when you sail through it and other times you will motion sickness from the boat rocking so hard. Expect that it will be with you just like your eye color or whatever is quinesstentially "you". You will find your own way through, just allow yourself the journey to be taken.

If you would like additional help you can come and join us on "Beck Diet Solution" here on 3FC. That helps give you the tools to work with your weight lose plan.

As for plantar fascitis, which I used to have, a podiatrist and some orthotics helped me. So, did getting really supportive shoes even if they weren't exactly "fashionable". It does go away but you have to treat the underlying problem: our extra weight puts a lot of stress on our lower body especially our feet. For me, it was worth the efforts and relearning I had to do so I could have "happy feet".
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